AS an  Industry Professional,
does your livelihood depend on your ability to gather information and negotiate? 
If yes, then you're likely aware that beneath every exchange - every surface structure communication - there exists a reservoir of unspoken expectations and assumed understandings
- a deep structure.

And further… that only by means of deliberate enquiry is it possible to access the 'enticing' treasure trove of expectation  

hidden within that elusive framework.

But regardless, unless specifically trained to elegantly mine and navigate an individuals particular personal criteria, their agenda, their map, their decision tree,
the tactics that you yourself or others employ to 'hack' for information are exactly that, a hack.
The trainings BELOW are custom designed for the development of
Meta-level communicative abilities.
Although founded on practical communications skills such as rapport building, pacing & leading, summarising & reflecting, the techniques on offer -once acquired- reach far beyond.

Exercising these specialised communicative abilities will grant you access to ordinarily privileged information.  Further, should you choose to participate, when accomplished you will find that it is as if you posses a Master Key or back-stage-pass that can unlock 

-decipher- and organise the workings of other minds and their ways of thinking.


Knowledge of the contents and framework of a given Deep Structure offers many tactical advantages and more importantly is absolutely integral to forming a complete picture in any conversational exchange.

 Keep in mind that the information contained within the Deep Structure is not ‘Hidden’ or necessarily ‘Secret’ it is simply out-of-reach to those unaware of HOW language is structured, processed, and produced.

There is no particular magic, no illusion, no pretence, there is no secret formula, no ethical compromise. just knowledge, experience, and a-lot-of-practice needed to reach a competent understanding.
The models are highly-valued, well researched, and validated.  And while some will claim familiarity with the content ~ few can demonstrate true mastery.

With due diligence and a committed effort you can command the communication skills of a State-Appointed Prosecutor, *Award-Winning* Investigative-Journalist,

Elite Psychotherapist, Socrates :-D … even.


They are-after all ~ when all is said and done- just skills.

Respectfully, Rhett Haverly

Clear Skies -Deep Criteria Communication

Clear Skies -Deep Criteria Communication

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Clear Skies -Deep Criteria Communication
It’s often not so easily apparent the degree to which we spend our time forecasting coming events or dissecting past experiences. Attention to Detail, Scope of Work, Ris...
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Become an IRON-CLAD %100 Fortified Ego-Proof Bastion of Communication. Captivatingly Evaluate, Command & Educate. With the Power of Deep Criteria Communication and...
%100 Iron-Clad Communication
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It’s often not so easily apparent the degree to which we spend our time forecasting coming events or dissecting past experiences



These values, amongst others, represent the principle processes that govern our business, guide us in our success, and represent what matters therein.

Over and above that we might add ~ People.

After all, the entire purpose of individual enterprise is to serve the well being of people.

You see you are both consciously and unconsciously guided through life by your Values.  Motivated by them.  Inspired by them.  In fact You live ~and you fail to live~ by them.


So permit me to assert this life-defining proposition.


You ARE GOVERNED by your Values, motivated by them, energised by them, confused and conflicted by them.


If you don’t know this, if you fail to account for this, you are without doubt unwittingly squandering time, expending effort, misallocating resources.  By failing to recognise your real potential, you are testing the patience, authority, and trust, of those closest to you and slowly eroding-away the value of your relationships.


Ask yourself what it is worth to spend time figuring out HOW, or worse still ‘WHY’ you are the person you are - the person doing what you do.



How much you'd prefer to spend that time enjoying living, purposefully creating, and succeeding at what's important.

What's the Real Value

of Becoming an Iron-Clad Communicator?




Imagine no longer feeling susceptible to the controlling language patterns and irrational demands of boorish
and over-bearing individuals.
  • Consider you were able to interrupt and unravel any aggressive or non-sensical conversational~tactic and never again had to reschedule, shrug-off, or put-off, a frustrating encounter or negotiation.

  • Imagine your internal dialogue and critical self~talk growing and transforming positively toward realistic and believable outcomes. 

    Finding yourself unable to
    ‘buy into’ any personal nonsense ;-D
    your standard, evidence-based-discourse, won't allow for it.

  • Imagine naturally becoming more secure, confident, and persuasive, in your thinking & speech

  • Guaranteed you will absolutely ask better questions, think more clearly, more deeply, more easily, and more comprehensively about the communications being presented to you.

  • You will get better results from the people you are working with.

  • Not only will you achieve greater clarity, recognise and reach critical information with less difficulty, you will also help people better understand themselves and in turn win their respect as someone who listens and brings out the best in others.

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