Why seek counselling?


The purpose of counselling is to provide guidance especially during periods of uncertainty and loss.  However for some the sense of purposelessness that can arise through the repetition of everyday life tasks or stale relationships is enough to warrant seeking help.  


What to expect.


You can expect to feel safe and welcome, the work itself will focus on your preferred outcomes and as we delve into the means to achieve them it's likely that we'll discover what's holding you back.  


As we encounter that resistance together you'll find that it's much easier to continue forward with the assistance of the therapeutic processes that the counsellor provides. It's like bringing an expert navigator along on your journey.  The counsellor does not determine the destination nor the route taken, that's up to you, they are there simply as reference point, and guide.


How can talking about it help.

Therapeutic processes are more often than not simply well researched models of human communications processes.  The models describe how we receive, process and transmit information about our ourselves, our behaviour, our thoughts, and our existence.  That might include what we do as well as what we say, how and when we say it.  Counsellors are trained to observe an individuals communications strategies and relay in good time those strategies back to the individual revealing patterns of behaviour and thinking that aren't getting desired results.  Counsellors can do this work because they have learned and can reference the therapeutic models that identify areas of our life where we may have become stuck.


What Counsellors do.


Since most of us have received our driver's license or are at least familiar with the rules of the road it's simple to imagine the relationship between client and counsellor as such:  


'While we may have earned our driver's license, few of us know how to repair a vehicle even if we know how to drive one.  A counsellor is kind of like a mechanic or a defensive driving instructor in the sense that they have expertise in an area of your everyday life that you generally don't need to think much about.  A mechanic has the experience, the tools and the skills to use them to determine what can be done to keep your car operating at it's peak.  In a similar fashion, but definitely not in the same way, a counsellor can help you resolve issues that are outside your communicative know how, and can facilitate in your developing skills to better enable you to manage your life moving forward.' 


How to prepare.


Prepare for your counselling experience by taking some time away from your usual schedule just to spend on yourself.  Find somewhere quiet and restful where you can relax and begin to imagine what are some of the positive changes you'd like to see take place.  Where possible reconnect with times from your past in which you felt ready for action.


It is customary to meet with a counsellor at least once before beginning your work together. During this time you both have the opportunity to establish a relationship and discuss the nature of your intended work together.  The counsellor can then make a recommendation as to the type of treatment that would best meet your needs and suit your availability.

Private sessions are assured in a place of your choosing, such as your home or office, or in a safe and comfortable environment provided by the Wellbeing Centre, and include where appropriate:


Personal Counselling


Hypnotherapy & Hypnotic Processes


Time Line Therapy®


Well Formedness for Goal Setting


Installing Keys to an Achievable Outcome


Communicative Strategies


Some Guided Meditation Practice



People seek counselling for all manner of reasons, there are no wrong or right reasons to want help, if you think you need help you can ask for it:


Grief over the loss of a loved one


Stress at home or at work




Loss of employment


Uncomfortable habits

Ill Feelings



1 Hour Appointments 


2 Hour Appointments 


3 Hour Appointments &


4 Hour Appointments Available

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The treatment focus is entirely centred around the difficulties and needs that you present and you and you alone determine the path forward toward your desired outcome. ...
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