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HoW t   Find  Me


Campbell street is a small one-way slip road immediately to the left of -parallel with- the Airport Tunnel onramp entrance.

Look for the large black 'Music Lab' sign on the left and you will find the car park entrance.


Parking  Provided


I will greet you or you can enter via the Integrity Wealth or Connected Offices doorways.

*Campbell street runs parallel with O'Connell Terrace alongside the Brisbane City Showgrounds and runs from the Royal Brisbane Womens Hospital (RBH) in Herston through to the News Corp offices in Bowen Hills.  

Campbell street is split by the rail line leaving only O'Connell Terrace intact.  At the RBH end it curves seamlessly into Sneyd street and onto O'Connell.  At the News Corp end it's a one-way slip road leading into Tufton street and likewise back onto O'Connell.

Hours  & Availability

Enquiries  Welcome

Rhett Haverly Well Being & Hypnosis is my private practice.

Because we live busy -often hectic- lives it can be difficult to organise a face-to-face meeting, find time for a meaningful phone conversation, or even connect online electronically.


To this end you can text or e-mail me (which is how most people make contact) and I'll reply to e-mails and text enquiries by 9:30am the following morning - schedule permitting.  

If you've tried calling me and I haven't answered you may have received the following message;


'Hi, you've reached Rhett Haverly Well Being & Hypnosis I'm currently attending to a Client or am otherwise occupied. I value your enquiry and will return your call or respond to a text at the soonest available opportunity. Please keep in mind that Hypnosis sessions can last as long as 2hours.' 

You can still e-mail or text me and I will reply to your enquiry as soon as possible.


Additional Considerations

  • Developing a healthy state of mind takes time, energy, and commitment, in the same manner as self-care, diet, exercise, education, and career progression.  Therefor you may have an ongoing scheduled commitment with me.  In keeping with the understanding that unexpected life interruptions can occur I aim to accomodate change where clients schedules vary week-to-week.


  • In keeping with client Confidentiality and duty of care, in cases where my calendar does not reflect my booked appointments or current obligations, no reason or discussion may be offered.  This means that on very rare occasions appointments may be postponed or rescheduled without explanation.  In such rare and unlikely circumstance notice will be given.

  • You will be required to make a deposit to receive certain services such as the Cigarette Free Consultation.  Where this is appropriate you will be notified.  Your deposit will be forfeit upon cancelation or if you require rescheduling more than once.  You will be made aware of the Terms of Service in advance of the agreement and e-mailed a copy of the Terms of Service at time of payment.