How Does Hypnosis Work ?


You sit down and concentrate on a point of your choosing. You make a conscious effort to breathe easily and deeply, and you begin to relax.


The Hypnotist directs your attention inward and you might decide to close your eyes as you listen to the sound of the hypnotists voice.


You'll feel a natural and familiar sense of well being.  You might lose track of what the hypnotist is saying and wonder whether the trance has begun yet.  You will then awake naturally when the work is done. 

 Things to  Remember 

 and things to  Forget 

Don't expect to feel hypnotized


Many people come to hypnotherapy thinking that there is something about trance which is markedly different from their normal state of consciousness.  This is definately not the case.


A light trance will feel no different than relaxaton.  Since trance is a normal natural state you will likely have a feeling of ordinary familiarity, no matter how deep into trance you go.

Do expect to feel relaxed


Hypnosis is a natural and familiar state where you will feel increasingly deeper levels of relaxation.  You will feel very comfortable and very relaxed.

You will be in control


During a trance induction, you need to know that you are in charge.  For example, if I told you to stand up, and it was OK, you would, right?  But if I told you to roll about on the ground you probably wouldn't do that.  Under Hypnosis you are in charge.  You only accept the suggestions given that are consistent with your own internal values and beliefs.

Trance is about learning how to go into trance


So the process you will learn is just that, a learning process.  Each step of the way there are tests to determine your level of focus and relaxation, and we will see how many tests you will succeed at.  The more successful you are the deeper you can go.

What is Hypnosis ? 


Hypnosis is a state of heightened suggestibility. The increased suggestibility is the effect of your agreement to relax and go into  trance.


Trance is a state in which you experience an expanding field of awareness and a narrowing of the focus of your attention.


Trance itself is not hypnosis it's just a state in which hypnotic phenomena are more easily produced.  Relaxation is not hypnosis either and neither is meditation. 



Electromagnetic brain imaging indicates the location of brain activity and brain wave frequency to be different during meditation compared to hypnosis.

"In combination with the process of relaxation trance internalises awareness and focuses the practitioner on sensory experiences and thoughts." 


Hypnotists use carefully constructed hypnotic patterns to produce hypnotic phenomena.  In combination with the process of relaxation, trance internalises awareness and focuses the practitioner on sensory experiences and thoughts. Hypnotising Hypnotists then communicate in practiced, proven, and thoughtful ways to the benefit of how we think and feel.


When Hypnotists communicate they keep our conscious minds busy sorting out what's being said.


Subconscious communication is communication that is, like the protocols that drive the programs that run the applications on your computer, out of normal day-to-day awareness.

"The subconscious consists of all the learnings and experiences you've accumulated."





Interestingly we occasionally find some of our subconscious thinking redundant.


During hypnotherapy the hypnotist elicits your goals, how you intend to achieve them, what you ordinarily do when you get going, and with your permission suggests those processes into action.

Hypnosis is an amazing way to relax and let go of all the worry in your life. Just allow stress and tension to melt away as you physically and mentally relax at the deep...
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