During your performance coaching, mentoring or well-being sessions you will be introduced to the value of tasking.


Once a goal has been determined and a commitment secured the next step is to Take Action!  Act as If.


All processes introduced at Rhett Haverly Wellbeing & Hypnosis are 'do with' processes and as such the expectation is on the client to participate fully and directly in the achievement of their goal. 


Completeing tasks is the principle measure of achievement in determining the success of the one-on-one coaching sessions.


Tasking is a symbol of your personal commitment to change.  It represents your opportunity to take action, to be at cause, and to harness your personal power.


- Your life's power.  

The Importance of Tasking

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The treatment focus is entirely centred around the difficulties and needs that you present and you and you alone determine the path forward toward your desired outcome. ...
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