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“If you ask any successful businessperson, they will always (say they) have had a great mentor at some point along the road.” – Richard Branson

I work with exceptional people on everyday problems and can work with you or your work force's beliefs, internal imagery, and arousal states to enhance work performance during project development and implementation, during technical meetings, and at sales encounters.


My select programs provide you and your team with enhanced communicative ability and outlook, resulting from the application of a dedicated set of psychological skills development instruments. The tasks work for groups and individuals and can be tailored to your individual requirements or those of your employees.  


In any psychological skills development process the program outline serves as a basic guide.  It is then through the development of a dynamic coaching relationship that the candidate becomes psychologically equipped to accomplish their performance goals. 


Performance coaching is about more than being a motivating influence, it’s about fine targeting, eliciting, expertly mapping and re-mapping beliefs in concordance with desired outcomes and installing patterns of behaviour that cement success in the mind of the decision maker. 


Great performance coaching demands expertise in performance psychology, therapeutic communication patterns and specialised interpersonal skills to guarantee effective customisation and implementation of cognitive abilities training.

I specialise in the process of developing individual’s forward toward reaching excellence.


For a candidate that means mental toughness and a well crafted internal self-image.

My expertise is in instilling confidence, resilience, self-control, self-awareness, self-belief, psychological readiness, focus, motivation, arousal control and a winning spirit for peak performance.  And in eliminating the mental barriers that thwart performance.  That’s right, all these processes have well researched psychological foundations and can be purposefully built through specific mental training exercises.  With time and effort any business person can educate him or herself and discipline their mind to reach higher levels of excellence.


When a client eliminates limiting beliefs, energy, that would ordinarily be expended on recalling and mitigating between conflicting ideas, is made available and can be focused on accomplishing desired outcomes.  


I facilitate a large variety of processes both physical and mental that are elegantly designed to produce results in the most powerful ways possible.  

Excel at what you're great at.

My sessions are tailored and comprehensive.  Successful candidates are given time to meet with ideas such as mental training and rehearsal, visualisation, goal setting through future pacing, and performance states, on their own terms.  This makes certain that the client maintains their sense of control and ownership over the process and ensures their continued interest and development.


Goals are charted and regularly revised as the participant advances their psychological skills. 


Thank you very much and I look forward to your success.

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